Survey Manager Making information meaningful

Now that you have completed your survey, you want to analyse and report on the results.

Real-time survey reports

SurveyManager provides a suite of reports in real-time, such as:

  • Comprehensive: displays statistical table, and charts (if applicable question) & verbatim answers for all questions.
  • Table & charts: displays statistical tables & charts.
  • Table only: displays statistical tables for statistical type questions.
  • Charts only: displays all charts for relevant questions.
  • Verbatim: displays text only questions.
  • Crosstab statistical: Select a crosstab question to be applied to the survey and display crosstab tables.
  • Single question: Select a single question and display statistical table and chart.
  • Single crosstab question: Select a single question and a crosstab question and display crosstab table.

Export survey data

  • Some clients conduct statistical analysis and reporting outside of the product. SurveyManager will output the questionnaire (data dictionary) with question labelling that matches the data file variable labels and codes:
  • As a hard copy of the questionnaire as a data dictionary, ie, containing all export file data labels, to assist analysis.
  • CSV or Excel formats, and
  • Fully labelled SPSS data file.
  • Free text answers can readily be converted to Word files from the CSV output. In addition, the survey responses can be co-extracted with other biographical data held in the respondent file which was not used in the survey but may be used in the analysis of the survey.

Standard survey reports

Coming soon, we will be introducing a series of standard school questionnaires for students, teachers and parents. These questionnaires will have a set of core questions but allow you to add additional questions at the end of the questionnaire. After running the survey, you will be able to access a set of standard reports consisting of:

  • The core questions as tables and graphs with commentary
  • Additional questions at the end of the report in tabular form

Custom reportings

ASR can produce custom reports to match individual school requirements. These reports can be generated ad hoc from a flexible menu of choices or generated automatically in response to specific school events. Circulation can be by human intervention or can occur automatically. These reports vary from full Word documents containing commentary, graphs and tables, to 360° reports, to custom customer satisfaction trend reports to esoteric contents such as council waste statistics or occupancy rates of aged care villages. Outputs can be as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or user-friendly dashboard.