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SurveyManager package

The SurveyManager software is sold with a range of questionnaires to get you started. The software can be purchased with or without a number of contract items, which cover:

  • Technical support
  • Training (beyond the free resources provided)
  • SMS messages if you want to send survey invitation texts to mobile phones as well

Purchase and registration process

  • Read the Services pages and decide what you want
  • Purchase what you want from the Cart page
  • We will send you a confirmation email acknowledging your purchase
  • Within 1-2 working days (the same day if a week day) we will email you the login codes and password to SurveyManager and you are up and running – it is that easy!
  • From then on access to SurveyManager and associated resources is through your web browser, so you can access the product from school and at home using your personal logon and password. We will give you instructions for creating additional users within your school.

Contract items

Item Description Comment Price
DETESOA-62923 contract items
SurveyManager licence Based on number of students For 1, 2, 3 years  
Standard questionnaires included with software
  1. Staff school climate index for teachers & non-teachers*
  2. Student socio-emotional & learner index*
  3. Parent engagement and opinion index*
  4. Bullying from student perspective**
  5. Bullying from teacher perspective**
  6. Bullying from parent perspective**
  7. OSHC evaluation**
  8. School traffic survey**
  9. P&C Association feedback**

Included with software. These questionnaires can be run standalone or added to by schools to suit their needs.

In time, we will offer standard reports for some of these questionnaires as long as they are run unmodified.

Training Tutorials From web site Free^
  Audio visuals From web site Free^
  On site Contact us Phone 1800 068 489
SMS/text messages Optional feature for mobile phones Software works without SMS messaging Pre-paid in blocks of $50

* Designed and proprietary to Insight SRC
** Designed and proprietary to ASR
^ Means free with licence to SurveyManager software

SMS Messages

Number 380 760 1140 1520 1900 2280 2690 3460 3845
Price (ex GST) $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 $450 $500

Licence fee calculator

Number of Students per school SurveyManager licence (Annual Price excluding GST)
0-100 $200.00
101-250 $600.00
251-500 $1,000.00
501-800 $2,000.00
801-1,000 $2,500.00
1,001-1,200 $3,000.00
1,201-1,500 $3,750.00
1,501-1,900 $4,500.00
1,901-2,200 $5,500.00
2,201-2,500 $6,250.00
2,501-5,000 $7,500.00


Description Price (each)
Option 1: by audiovisual, 3 x 20 min sessions  
Audiovisual A: Creating surveys, quizzes and polls Free ^
Audiovisual B: Adding questions Free ^
Audiovisual C: Administration and reporting Free ^
Option 2: by audiovisual, 12 x 2-6 min explanatory tutorials Free ^
Option 3: by webinar, 1 h sessions provided by ASR & Sundata  
Session A: Creating surveys, quizzes and polls $200.00
Session B: Adding questions $200.00
Session C: Administration and reporting $200.00
Session D: Advanced features (including rules and testing) $200.00
Session E: Advanced features according to specific school requirements $200.00

^ Means free when you have a licence to the SurveyManager software.

Contract consulting rates

Description Price (per hour)
General consulting $200.00
Forms and question design $200.00
Project administration $160.00
Numerical and statistical data analysis $200.00
Report writing $200.00
Business analysis and design $200.00
Analyst/programming $200.00

Free questionnaires

SurveyManager is supplied to Queensland schools with a number of surveys that are free of charge. They fall into two groups:

  1. Questionnaires covering bullying, OSHC, feedback from the P&C Association and school traffic. They were designed by ASR and can be used as is or modified as needed by schools.
  2. Three short-form surveys to provide schools with indices on student wellbeing, staff engagement and parent engagement. These were designed by Insight SRC.

These indices will show for schools if there are any issues that would benefit from further investigation and possible intervention. The standard reports associated with these three surveys will only work if they are run unmodified.

These surveys must be administered in a way that makes clear to the user that the surveys are being administered by your school in partnership with ASR and Insight SRC and that they are proprietary to ASR and Insight SRC.

Additional diagnostic survey packages and possible supported interventions are available to schools optionally on a fee for service basis.

The short-form surveys have been designed and tested in thousands of government, Catholic and independent Australian schools and have been shown to provide an accurate index of how a school is functioning.

Using these short form surveys, you can create the following indices for your school:

  • Staff School Climate Index
  • Student Socio-Emotional and Learner Index
  • Parent Engagement and Opinion Index

A glossary of each index is provided in the table below.

Index Description
Staff School Climate Index The Staff School Climate Index provides an overall assessment of the leadership and cultural behaviour among staff in the school, the quality of teaching and learning in the school and staff attitudes towards the students in the school.
Student Socio-Emotional and Learner Index

The Student Socio-Emotional and Learner Index provides an overall assessment of students’ emotional wellbeing, their relationships with their teachers and other students, their engagement in learning and their experience of the teaching and learning processes used in the school.

This survey can be administered to students from grade 5 and above.

Parent Engagement and Opinion Index The Parent Engagement Index provides an overall assessment of parents’ perceptions of their involvement in the school and their child’s education.