Survey Manager Making information meaningful

SurveyManager will allow you to get your project up and running in no time if you follow these ten easy steps

Survey steps

1. Decide who your survey will go to

Who is your target audience? And how are you going to contact them? By SMS/Smartphone or more traditional email for answering on a desktop or tablet?

Do you have their names and contact details, such as email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers?

This information will determine whether or not you can invite people by email (or SMS) to your survey or you will need to send out a generic link to an anonymous survey.

2. Design questionnaire

SurveyManager gives you three options here:

  • Design your own questionnaire from scratch
  • Use one of the standard questionnaires supplied
  • Use one of the standard questionnaires supplied
  • Purchase a specialised questionnaire which suits your needs
You can also use modify the questions supplied in SurveyManager as well as add new questions to create a new questionnaire that is unique to you.

3. Pilot test your questionnaire on friends and colleagues

You can never do too much pilot testing. This will reveal the little things like typos and logic errors that you missed. SurveyManager has a specific testing phase built into its workflow, called design mode – so take advantage of it! It is less embarrassing to make the changes now at testing rather than try to later when the survey has gone out to the target group for real.

4. Decide on how to send it out

Surveys can be distributed by one or a combination of ways:

  • Individual hyperlink contained within an invitation email (invitational survey)
  • Generic hyperlink contained within an invitation email (anonymous survey)
  • SMS messages
  • Combination of Emails and SMS messages
  • Hyperlinks on a website
  • Hyperlink in a newsletter or poster

5. Write invitation emails (invitational surveys only)

Write your emails in SurveyManager using merge fields such as first name, surname and hyperlink to personalise them. They can be sent with attachments. Email templates can be drafted and prescheduled for dispatch

6. Enter start and end dates

These can be entered in advance, so the survey can go out whilst you are away from work.

7. Send invitation emails and/or SMS

Relax - SurveyManager does this for you once you have given it a start date and time.

8. Survey live and monitor responses

There is not much to do here except to answer a few people who might have queries about your survey. Take from

9. Survey closes and export data

Just click on the export buttons in SurveyManager to do this.

10. Analysis and reporting

Now comes the interesting bit. You have a number of options here depending on which questionnaire you used:

Own questionnaire
Use SurveyManager’s standard suite of reporting functions or export the data into third-party tools such as Excel, Word, SPSS, etc.

Standard questionnaires
As above plus access SurveyManager’s inbuilt reports for these surveys.

Specialised questionnaire
Contact ASR to run the reports.